Animal sculpture matsumura's diary動物オブジェ製作

オブジェアーテイスト 三毛猫とチワワとミニチュアダックスと暮らしています。Life with diary tortoiseshell cat and Chihuahua and miniature of sculptor Matsumura. 



旅先で出会った猫ちゃんです!This cat I met on the road.





内容はシトラネ、ユーカリー他 花のエッセンシャルオイルを混ぜて水で薄めています。かれこれ〇〇年使っていますが、本当に虫よけになりますし、汚れも取れて一石二挺です。とっても良いのでお勧めです!ちなみに蚊にはあんまり効かないです。ノミやダニに効果ありです。



I am making the insect herb spray yourself.
The contents of this insect herb water is Shitorane oil,Eucalyptus oil and flower of the essential oil. It has been diluted with water. You really become the insect repellent, dirt is also taken with one stone two Ting. It is very good because the recommended! By the way, it does not work so much in the mosquito. Is there effect on fleas and ticks.

In particular, dark eucalyptus over oil, there was a tremendous effect on the ear mites. It is recommended for dogs that are troubled with ear mites.

Approach, dropping 2 to 3 drops in the ear of a dog with a little dilute the eucalyptus over oil close to the stock solution, and crowded well massaged. After that, we'll clean wipe the inside of the ear. It will continue for one week every day. Then first very dirty had ears will become increasingly beautiful. When the dog is also ear is itchy disappear, facial expression will be bright! Ear mites in the summer will be very breeding. Eucalyptus over oil is really it is a versatile!