Animal sculpture matsumura's diary動物オブジェ製作

オブジェアーテイスト 三毛猫とチワワとミニチュアダックスと暮らしています。Life with diary tortoiseshell cat and Chihuahua and miniature of sculptor Matsumura. 

インスタグラムデビュー(笑)!遅い!I finally started Insta gram! slow!


キテイがタオル遊びしています(笑)!My cat kitty chan has towel play.




なぜかロシアのかたからの いいね!がほとんどで不思議です。


I began Insta gram pincers (laughs). ha ha.
To me, it is a little difficult, but it is fun.
Reply of Insta grams from Russian person is, in most cases, is a wonder to me.
I like, such as Russia's picture book, I'm happy. People of Russia  Thank you! Maybe time zone, it does that kind of thing.